April Sunshine Brings… Herbs!

I know I have left this site a bit dusty.  It happens.  I am heading toward the end of the school year, which requires a greater percentage of my “me” time (when the house work is done and the kids are asleep…).  We have started talking about the new beds we need to build soon, and with the sun on us the last two days I am believing the snow that found us last week was the last of the year.  I’m also over six months pregnant, and working on a collaboration with my husband, since we each have such different interests (and businesses) and want to find something to build together.  It is quite a full life.  Thankfully my oldest daughter is of kindergarten age and we are/were able to have a fun, playful year “doing” kindergarten as only our family can.  Next fall will find us with a new baby and a full year of first grade, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself too much.  It is almost time to focus on the garden, and more specifically, the herbs.

In the mail today I got another coupon magazine from Kroger.  One of the first pages made me smile big.



“Introducing Kids and Their Palates to Delicious Herbs”. YES YES YES!!!  How cool that a basic store like Kroger is advertising the benefits of using herbs every day.  Kids love to taste, smell, and feel everything they do.  And herbs delight all the senses.  It is a win-win.


This was the next page- just little snippets of the most known nutritional herbs.  How cool.  Every parent can be the family herbalist with some knowledge on nutritional herbs.  Maybe you can’t afford all the best produce at the store, but grow a few herbs and you can boost whatever food you make with plants from your own land.  There is no cheaper way to make nutritionally dense meals than to keep a food and herb garden.


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