The Quiet Summer that Leads to Fall

I understand that I have left this site over summer.  It just has not been in my mind.

Three weeks ago we welcomed the sixth human to our team.  So for those who have had newborns with other children you know the first few weeks are more survive than thrive.  We are getting out of this stage as I write this, which is earlier than I expected but as I hoped.

This summer we struggled with our garden, as the rain just did not come and after the water containers were emptied of rain I was reluctant to use city water to feed our herbs.  We have been able to collect a few peppers and tomatoes here and there.  Our kale has gone to seed and I still need to gather what I can.  Our mint and lemon balm have been run over by other plant life (kind of ironic, honestly) and my chamomile has long dried up.  I was lucky to gather enough in the early months of growth to gift a diabetic person with an entire jar filled with the plant blossoms in hope that it will lower his blood sugar spike after eating.  This is still a work in progress that I am lucky to be a part of.  But that is life. Nature does not listen to me, I need to pay attention to it.  Lack of rain and lack of energy due to growing (and then producing) a new human life have left the garden more barren this August.

But September brings new energy to the house, as we will begin our second year of homeschooling and I will be taking a semester off of school. This new rhythm will need a lot of care at first, so the best move was for me to stay and focus on the new family dynamic.  I am excited for the challenge, and still have a stack of books to read to keep my mind from becoming sluggish without the pressure of academia.

I hope to add more of our home school life as this blog goes along, since it will take most of the Fall focus.




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