Herban Homeschool: Week One


Flexible.  That is what I’d like to put in the forefront of these home schooling posts.  I know a lot can be said about how a family decides to live and to learn, so please take these posts gently as a mother working her way through educating at home, while going to school herself, while running a small herbal business, while having a newborn.  We are flexible.  It is a part of a balanced life.  It is part of our home energy.

We’re using Oak Meadow as a base curriculum.  My books are an older version from 2005 that were gifted to me and then I purchased the newer books I needed last year.  So our first year may look different than other OM users who are following the 2015 version, but from what I have gathered there are many who search out the older prints for various reasons, and so I know we are not alone there.




I did get some photos of week one, day one.. but since I am not one to sit behind a camera for very long I did not get any of the rest of the week.  But we started to fill our seasonal basket, had great read-aloud time, piano, went over the senses of summer and wiggled through circle time finger-plays and verses.  Our first grader is the main student as of now, but the four year old is loving using her personal chalkboard in the mornings and the two year old rhymes along with language arts work.


We also got our first hike in of the season, as we are participating in a program to get ten hikes in through October.

It was a good week of living and learning.  On to week two.


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