Herban Homeschool: Week 2


My husband showed his skills for our letter ‘C’ this past Monday.  It corresponded with Dick Whittington and His Cat which actually was an interesting tale.

On Monday we also started our math program, which we use as a supplement to Oak Meadow with Math-U-See.  When your child says she loves math, you go with what encourages that.


Daily piano started this week as well. We are still chugging along through Hoffman Academy on Youtube.  I love these short lessons and they fit well with our quick, daily practice rhythm.



In the kitchen an aspiring baker decided to make her first recipe, which turned out tasty enough for all the kids to eat and enjoy.  Her mixture added nerds, milk, sugar, flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and cookie crumbles together.



We took Thursday morning off of the ‘morning time’ rails as the kids made a hospital for all their dolls and took turns drawing x-rays and various other ultrasound “screens”.  They were all playing so nicely together that I dropped the whole scheduled morning for this educational play time.  And because of this I also enjoyed my coffee warm.

We went through a few pages of We Live in the North as our morning read-aloud.  It is an old, musty book from my childhood that still cracks me up.  It has been interesting to see when the children get ‘hooked’ onto the story, and when they fade off… and when they lay on the ground and start dazing or bothering their closest sibling.

To round out the week we went to a festival honoring Johnny Appleseed.  We got to see many skilled artisans demonstrating their craft.  Field trips might be my favorite thing to plan.

Now on to week three.  Have a great week, folks.


1 thought on “Herban Homeschool: Week 2”

  1. Loved reading about your week and seeing the pictures. I am reading “Strawberry Girl” for a read-aloud. I saw it at the library and remembered your mom always liked those books. Then on Sat. I was at Habitat store and found three of the original “old, musty” copies. Yay! I walked out a happy customer. 🙂 I was not familiar with Hoffman Academy. I will need to check into that for Elisabeth. Scott’s mom taught Andrew- Lydia some piano (with a few “embracing” it) but she has not done so for the younger one’s due to just getting more feeble (plus she goes to stay with some of her daughter’s for longer periods of time). Anyway, I need to pursue that. You will treasure these post someday. I did not “intentionally” record homeschooling in this way but I did blog for a while and do go back to read those and look at the pictures every now and then. ….More warming that the coffee! 🙂


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