Herban Homeschool: Week 3

This past week we went through three letters (and corresponding fairy tales).


We read Jordan & Maria, a tale of two children who forage for food and find a kind herbalist who teaches them to survive by eating from the woods.  The kind herbalist makes them a peppermint tisane to cure their stomach aches.  We picked our own ginger mint (mentha x gracilis) and made some fresh hot tisane for the morning.





Later in the week we did both letters E (The Golden Key) and F (The Fisherman’s Son).  We were not quite as intrigued in these stories but they still gave us lots to talk about.




We also got out a paper doll that was gifted to us from a friend.  The box says 1978 on it, so I attempted to get across how old this toy was and how gentle we needed to be with it. I told them how I used to cut up my mom’s JC Penney catalogs and make my own paper doll scenes at the dinner table. Now the girls both asked for paper dolls for Christmas.



It is still quite hot here for September.  Our leaves are still green.  Soon it will cool off and we will find ourselves outside more collecting leaves and acorns for science. Off to week four.



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