Herban Homeschool: Week 4

Well another week has past us.  It was much more relaxed.  We had quite a bit of rain but on the drier days the kids spent much of it outside as we finally have some cooler weather.  The mosquitoes weren’t as bad which really helped them get extra dirty outside.



We read fairy tales for both letters G and H this week.  We also continued on with recognizing notes in piano.  In the story Mother Holle both girls were fascinated by the tree that begged to be shook in order to get it’s apples to fall.  We ended up making our own apple tree pictures for the kind, industrious sister to help.




I can not say enough of this Alpha set in Math-u-See.  It is just perfect for her right now.  As a kid who loves building, Minecraft, Legos, drawing, designing… etc…  This math set just gets it.  If you can tell what we are doing here.. then you might have a kid like mine… and it actually is the base for complex math.  We only did one worksheet for this lesson, as the practice really required play, play, play.



It was a great week.  I’m looking forward to where this one takes us.


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