Herban Homeschool: Week 6


Our Monday started out like this.  Our washer broke, and with it being situated in the play room we realized that in order to get a new one in there we needed to really deep clean the space.  The girls decided to make signs after their work was complete in order to keep things… orderly.

But with a two year old brother things can quickly get messy again.


On Tuesday we resumed with Jack and the Beanstalk.



We started our bird watching, and being novices relied on the internet to tell us a few names of birds getting ready to fly South for the winter.  (Experienced bird-watchers’ advice welcomed.)



One day this week I caught her doing her math worksheets, which she has started to want to do alone at the table.  She just looked so… big.



I just need to balance it out by focusing on another little reader.


It’s going to be another warm, beautiful week here for us.  Enjoy yours as well!


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