What’s Online: Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citrodora) & Indian Frankincense (Boswellia serrata)

On Wednesdays I am going to try to share new (in general or to me) information from sources that put out good content.  Hopefully this serves as a hub to find interesting  new information that can encourage, educate, and aid in living a balanced life.

LEMON VERBENA FOR FOR PREVENTION OF INFLAMMATORY DISEASES    The study is from 2014 but since I love Lemon Verbena I am always ready to learn more or share what I find.  We grow Lemon Verbena as well as drink it (it was in our 2015 Balance Blend).  I also use a Lemon Verbena hydrosol (also known as flower water) under shea butter on my face.  It is a great energizing herb.

NEW PRO-VEGGIE/PLANT DIET VIDEO  This is quick and palatable to those who may be interested in a new way to eat.  I make it no secret that we eat some meat, but we make some serious room for our veggies and fruits.

SUTHERLANDIA SUPPLEMENT MAY CAUSE DISRUPTION IN ANTI-TB DRUG  Not quite as urgent for American readers, but the fact that usage could create a resistant form of TB is cause for concern.  It is important to remember that pharmaceutical drugs can and do react to supplements, and we do not know all the reactions or when they will be noticeable by symptom.

ST. JOHN’S WORT QUALITY FAILURE: 6 OUT OF 10 GIVEN FAILING GRADE   This is the glaring issue in the herbal supplement market, quality assurance.  You can see the ten tested brands and those that passed and did not.  Another reason to remember that if you can not grow your own herbals, try to find someone who does. If not that, then go to a sustainable, reputable, knowledgeable farm or company.  If you are taking supplements for a illness or disease you need to know what you are taking will work and is of the quality that was tested.

POSSIBLY THE NEXT “IT” SUPPLEMENT: BOSWELLIA  I try to stay out of the trend, since it usually causes an influx of false marketing, unsustainable farming/crafting practices, and harm from misuse.  Most “it” supplements are not new, are well used by professional herbalists and other practitioners already, and are now receiving funding to be studied by the evidence-based crowd.  I’m also seeing a lot of info out online about anti-inflammatory herbals, diets, etc.. so that may be a thing to look out for as well.





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