Herban Homeschool: Week 12

We finished out the year with week 12.  Instead of having a few weeks of break we just stretched the last few weekly lessons for the month of December.  It really worked well with our schedule and it made sense considering our goal is to always be open to learning opportunities.

Week twelve was the final alphabet lesson (X,Y, and Z) as well as the end of the Fall season science study.  We had been blending fall with winter past the Winter Solstice so the transition went fine.  It also helped that snow finally arrived in time for our transition.

I don’t have a lot of school activity pictures of this time, but can share a growing interest for Lego robotics.  The girls found some videos about making candy dispensers and tried to recreate them for fun.

This one housed a candy cane treat. There was also a cookie dispenser for Santa.




A review of the first semester can be found HERE



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