Spring Has Sprung (In March)

We’ve got a few things growing in our garden beds…

Lemon Balm
Ginger Mint
Volunteer Tomatoes
& Chocolate Mint

I’m hoping to add more mints, calendula, basils, sages, and various veggies & fruits to our beds.

We still have a few weeks before we get our big plants in the ground and plant our cucumber seeds.  We’re going to build a new bed as well.


Herban Homeschool: Week 21

Week 21 in Oak Meadow took us two weeks to complete, as we took a few days off to recoup from Daylight Savings Time and recharge from the seasonal changes that make us feel so groggy this time of year.

We started on a little round loom this week.  It was decided that this pink yarn would be perfect for a certain bear’s hat.




Working on the loom ended up being a great way to break up math and reading work.  One of our word families this week was INE.



We spent one day working on drawing our home.  We then talked about all the ways we stay safe in our home.  Little kitty had to be a part of schooling this day.



Another day we drew a picture of our city from memory.  We then talked about all the ways we stay safe while living in our city. (State and country drawings to come this week.)




As the weather warms up we will be spending more time outside preparing the garden and yard.  I am looking forward to that change of pace.


Weekly Home School Prep


On Sundays I do the school prep for the week ahead. Usually before that the only thing “school-wise” on the calendar are field trips or special workshops.  I wait and go through the weekly lesson the Sunday before for both the OM week and the math unit.  As of now this works out well since I do not have to “teach myself” any of the topics.  I know my prep time with grow when more children are schooling and harder subjects are taught.



For a little more detail:

Herban Homeschool: Week 18

This week along with our usual word families and math practice, we studied the brown bear!  We watched a video about brown bears as we drew our own.  We also practiced tying our shoes this week.


The girls also decided to have a Not-on-Valentine’s day-Valentine’s day party.  They set up the front school room for the occasion.