Herban Fort Wayne


In the 2015 season we grew 11 herbs in raised beds here in Fort Wayne, IN. They grew along side our vegetables and received plenty of collected rain water.  All of our herbs were cared for daily by the entire family.  We put lots of love into our soil, and used companion planting methods to give each plant the best environment we could to grow naturally.  We focused on growing herbs that are native to our area and that can flourish with our sun and rain patterns, preventing too many artificial (and often costly) interactions.  Our herbs were picked and dried in good conditions prior to flowering to achieve the highest content of essential essences (essential oils).  We take our love for creation seriously and are appreciative of the harvest.

We offered four signature blends in 2015.
Balance Blend – Lemon Verbena, Calendula petals, Lemon Balm, Green Rooibos*
Soothing Blend – German Chamomile, Lemon Balm
Peaceful Blend – Pineapple Sage, Lemon Basil, Green Rooibos*
Bee Blend – Bee Balm (Monarda), Green Rooibos*

(*Organic green rooibos [unfermented red rooibos, also known as ‘red herb tea’ or ‘African bush tea’] is purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs, one of the only herbal companies we trust concerning ethics and quality.  We use it as a base for some blends because it is herbal, offering up no caffeine and hosts a tremendous amount of benefits.  It also has a slight sweetness which aids in not feeling the need to add extra sweetener to the drink.)

We offered dry herbs for personal infusion use.
Lemon Basil
Sweet Basil
Pineapple Sage
German Chamomile
Lemon Verbena
Bee Balm
Ginger Mint
Pineapple Mint
Lemon Balm

We made two types of salve.
Spring Dandelion Salve
Fall Calendula Salve 

We participated in two Fort Wayne summer markets, the East State Market and the Barr Street Market.


Our goals for 2016 include adding three more raised beds, tripling our Chamomile harvest, stepping back from a blend focus and putting more into bulk single-herb packaging, and partnering with local tea and smoothie shops to offer fresh and dried locally grown herbs.

If you are interested in partnering up with us for the 2016 season please comment here or message us at Herban Fort Wayne.