Seasoning A Mortar & Pestle

I got a new fun gift this Christmas and was able to make a quick video as I prepared it for use.  Pardon my soft voice (a bit of a cold).


Herban Homeschool: Week 8

We took three weeks time to explore Week 8, as the weather was wonderful, the trips were plenty, and the home life was full of cooking, organizing, and transitions.  I did not take a lot of pictures because we were enjoying the weather and time together.

We focused on a few letters, like here we made pizzas in our MLB for the letter P.


We focused on writing 1-100 in our math work.


We did lots of baking and caring for the home.



And we continued to harvest peppers and tomatoes from our garden, well into the first week of November.


We also celebrated family with cousins and got some races in.


These unusually warm weeks really take the sting out of how quickly the snow will fall in December.