Morphine in Your Syrup & Other Strange Things

I know it has been awhile.  I really am going to try to get better at posting regularly, but I already know I have a few things going against me.  1) School is back in session and so my “extra time” is taken up by homework and labs and practicing and such.  2) I have a serious dislike for sitting at the computer for too long.  I actually start to get a headache.  I am trying to get better at this one….really. 3) My Baker Creek Seeds catalog came in and I get to make one million variations of our herb garden on paper before I decide on the final layout. This is a labor of love, all right. (If you want to see the lovely {limited} catalog sign up for the free one on their website, or put down $10 for the ultimate seed catalog of 2016.)

In news, some herbal company selling an ‘herbal cough syrup’ came under fire from the FDA for having morphine in it.  It was not on the label, obviously.  I’m no friend of the FDA but they handle what they handle, and I am glad they caught this and are making a fuss.  When herbalism goes mainstream as medicinal, you have got to be up to pharmaceutical standards… because that is what you are claiming.  (Basically if you are creating an artificial reaction {drug induced} in the body to get a desired response, you are in the FDA’s radar.  Some older practices of herbalism do not endorse this type of use, but instead aim at nutritionally balancing out the body so it can handle the issues that come into play.   There are many master herbalists that explain this belief better than I do.. I should go into that more another day with resources.)  Anyway, be careful what you purchase.

Another strange trend, using herb balls to “detox your womb”.  Again, your body balances itself out.  Very rarely do you need to use artificial means to balance it out. Your body is smart.  Be smart and give you body what it needs to “detoxify” itself.. like rest, good fresh food, water, and exercise so you will sweat.  Sweating is good.