Matcha Now Taste Test

For those interested in where I purchase Matcha online: Mountain Rose Herbs


Give The Gift Of Tea

A few months ago I woke up in a funk.  I am sure it has happened many times since then, but I remember this day specifically because my husband had that look on his face as he left for work.  The look was one of slight concern and mostly pity.  He was leaving and I was about the start the day with four little kids plus a funky mood that lingered through breakfast.

Luckily I did start feeling better. I could say it was because the kids were listening, or the baby took a good nap, or maybe it was because I got all the dishes out of the sink.  But I do remember something that clinched it.  Our mail comes after lunch, usually right as my youngest two are napping, and something was waiting for me.

In the mail on that particular day was a little note card from a far away friend.  Some kind words were written, “thinking of you” and the such… and tucked into the little note card was a delicious new tea blend to try.


I held onto the tea for a few weeks, waiting for the perfect time to try this special blend of green tea and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis).  It was especially nice to think on the fact that someone sent it to me for a specific purpose, and it arrived on that specific day.  Since then I have attempted to leave a tea packet “calling card” whenever I bring back something I lent or decide to send a little note.  It is a simple way to share a relaxing moment miles away.  I am very thankful for that thoughtful friend and her action days before I knew I would need it.

You can purchase this specific calming blend of Green Melissa on Amazon.