You Are What You Drink…

Well, not really.  I mean, we are mostly made of water (60%),  but if we drink a bunch of diet coke and sweet tea we don’t turn into those.  Our system is much more efficient, much more complicated than that.  But we do know that our bodies were made to drink lots and lots… and lots of water.

I was browsing around online a few days ago and skimmed over an article ad about drinking only water for (so many.. 30? 60? 100?) days.  I don’t know what it was selling or how spammy the site was, I didn’t click on it.  But I did see it long enough to catch the title, and it reminded me of something.

Last year I took a Holistic Health class and for one week we were required to write down everything we had to eat and drink.  It wasn’t to shame us or guilt us into a specific diet.  It ended up not even graded.  It was an exercise in one important thing: awareness.  You see, we get distracted a lot.  We are almost to the point of constant distraction, just bouncing from task to person to entertainment and back again.  Our lives reflect that in every way.  But what happens when we take a moment to slow down and collect a bit of data?  Not for a specific diet, not for a feeling of control, but just for our own awareness.  We may just change an unhealthy habit or appreciate a good one with a look that lasts longer than a second.

So yesterday I decided to pause and take a picture of everything I drank.  This is actually a step harder for me as I had to lug out my big camera, since my old flip phone does not give me a way to get pictures off of it.  Why it has a camera in the first place I do not know.  Mysteries, I tell you.


First thing in the morning, almost every morning, is coffee. Coffee with some type of non-dairy sweetened creamer.  It is delicious. I look forward to it. One cup. (And yes, the handle on this mug is upside down.)


Some water to wash that down.  Around 12 oz / 300 ml


And right before lunch, what I like to consider my tea prep for the crazy afternoon. A mug of hot Lemon Zinger (a general hibiscus blend) and around 24 oz / 600 ml of Raspberry Zinger to drink cooled.


Then more water around dinner-ish time, the most chaotic time of day, about 24 oz / 600 ml.


And a surprise from my husband when he got off work that night.  Yeah, that chocolate milkshake went fast.  He handed it to me on the couch, nursing baby in my lap, and I finished it before that baby could throw up all over me.  It was a great surprise.  I later had to pull the cup out of the trash because I forgot about my picture taking by that time. Unknown ounce size…I think it was a medium.



So now looking at this with fresh eyes I am happy with my morning hydration.  I get a lot in.  But I would like to drink more in the afternoons.  Maybe mix it up with some flavored seltzer water. Or hot cocoa since it is getting chilly.  And as I am writing this that picture of the empty milkshake cup is taunting me.  So good.  So good.

Try it out.  For a day write down or take a picture of everything you drink.  Don’t change it up. Do exactly as you would normally, no judgement or hesitation.  Then look back the next day and see what you like and what you could change to get more fluids in your body.  You might recognize some interesting patterns.  If anything it will give you a moment to think about what you are drinking and if it is fueling you in the way you want.